Conference Papers PRESENTED

“‘Too Busy Defending Our Present to be Sentimental about our Past.’ Multicultural Berlin and the Curious Dismissal of Holocaust Remembrance in Netflix’ Unorthodox,” MPCA Annual Conference, October 2020 (submitted).

“‘Preserving harmony in all the fan field’: The Debate over Community in 20th-Century Science-Fiction Fandom,” SCMS Annual Conference, March 2020 (accepted; conference cancelled due to Covid-19).

“Netflix’ Post-Racial Utopian Communities: Diversity, Globalization, and Neoliberalism in Sense8 and The Umbrella Academy,” MPCA Annual Conference, October 2019.

“‘What we lost in the fire, we’ll find in the ashes:’ Black Masculinity, Violence, and Sexuality in The Magnificent Seven and The Hateful Eight,” Telling and Retelling Stories, Wayne State University, March 2019.

“‘A Dangerous Pervert Demon’: Cultural Hierarchies of Gender and Sexuality in Sense8’s Globalized Narrative Universe,” Console‐ing Passions Annual Conference, July 2018.

“‘Steal it or Scam it’ – Poverty and the Commodified Body in Showtime’s Shameless,” SCMS Annual Conference, March 2018

“Mundane Life Behind Bars: The Subversion of Domesticity and Femininity in Hinter Gittern – Der Frauenknast (Behind Bars – The Women’s Pen),” Console-ing Passions Annual Conference, July 2017.

“Soap Opera vs. Dropping the Soap: Representations of Male and Female Prisoners on American Television,”
SCMS Annual Conference, March 2016.

“Fan Reactions to Lionsgate’s Capitol Couture – The Future of Fashion,”
Reception Study Society Bi-Annual Conference, September 2015.

“We are the Districts: Fannish Resistance to The Hunger Games Marketing Campaigns,” Console-ing Passions Annual Conference, June 2015.

“‘Jupiter’s Cock!’ Male Nudity, Violence and the Disruption of Voyeuristic Pleasure in Starz’ Spartacus,SCMS Annual Conference, March 2015.

“From Subculture to Alternative Public Sphere: Journal-based Fandom and Political Discourse,”  Institute for German Cultural Studies Colloquium, February 2015.

“‘I only knew that Winnetou and Old Shatterhand belonged together.’ Slash Fans and the Potential of Audience Research for Karl May Scholarship,” GSA Annual Conference, September 2014.

 “‘At Least Let Us See Them Before You Cut Them All Off!’ Sexposition and Male Nudity in Contemporary Quality TV,” Console-ing Passions Annual Conference, April 2014.

“Sexposition and the Male Auteur; or: How Television Became Masculine,” Auteur-TV, University Salzburg, Austria, December 2013.

“A Loser Like Me: A Community of Outsiders, Fan Activism and Convergence Culture in Glee Fandom,” ACLA  Annual Conference, April 2013.

“‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling’: Textual Poaching, the Importance of Suits and the One True Pairing in the Fanfiction Community around Christopher Nolan’s Inception,” Cinephilia/Cinephobia, Graduate Student Conference, University of Pittsburgh, PA, November 2012.

“Longing for the All-Consuming Love: Romanticizing Homosociality in Slash Fanfiction,” Desire: From Eros to Eroticism, Graduate Student Conference, CUNY, New York, November 2011.

Conferences, Panels, Workshops ORGANIZED


Co‐organizer Conference “From Cell to Cell: The Prison in Television and Performance” at Cornell University, October 2016

Co-organizer Graduate Student Conference “On Seriality” at Cornell University, May 2015

Co-organizer Graduate Student Conference “Jetzt: Contemporary and Historical Configurations of  the Present” at Cornell University, March 2012


Organizer Panel “New/Old, Archive/Platform: Histories of Media Fandom” at SCMS Annual Conference (accepted; conference canceled due to Covid-19), April 2020

Organizer Panel “Transcultural Storytelling in Netflix’ Sense8: Love, Language, and the Post‐Digital” at Console‐ing Passions Annual Conference, July 2018.

Organizer Panel “Behind Bars: Global Mediated Representations of Incarcerated Women” at Console-ing Passions Annual Conference, July 2017.

Organizer Panel “Prison is the New Guilty Pleasure: Orange is the New Black, the Prison TV Genre, and the Prison‐Industrial Complex” at SCMS Annual Conference, March 2016

Film Series

Co-organizer LGBT Film Series (supported by LGBT Studies and Department of Performing and Media Arts) at Cornell University, 2014-1015


“Job-Hunting Off the Tenure Track and Outside the University” with Stacy Hartman at Cornell University, 2016

Co-organizer of a Workshop Series with journalists, critics and writers at Konstanz University, 2001-2002

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